Past Simple Tense

 Past Simple Tense is also called Past Indefinite Tense. It is usually used to present action that happened in the past usually for a short period of time.

Basic Structure

Subject + Verb (past form) + Object

I                   played                  table tennis.

Positive Sentence

She visited my office last week. 

Negative Sentence

He did not read the book.

Interrogative Sentence

Did you write a letter?

Negative Interrogative Sentence

Did they not win the competition?

Past Simple

Worksheet Past Simple Tense 

1- He ---------- food five minute before. (eat, ate, eating)

2-  ----------- she play football yesterday? (did, do, does)

3- They ----------- with each other two days before. (fight, fought, fighting)

4- We ---------- cricket last day. (play, played, playing)

5- Did you --------- mangoes last Sunday? (ate, eaten, eating)

6- Kids did not -------- hands before eating. (wash, washed, washing)

7- Those boys --------- 1st position in previous examinations. (get, got, got)

8- Teacher --------- students the same topic yesterday. (teach, taught, teaching)

9- She --------- book from her bag two minutes before. (find, found, finding)

10- He ---------- from the public office last year. (resign, resigned, resigning)

Worksheet Past Simple Tense

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