Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense is also called Present Progressive Tense. It is usually used to present an ongoing action happening right now or at the moment of speech.

Basic Structure

Subject + is/are/am + Verb (present participle) + Object

I                am                    playing                          table tennis

Positive Sentence

I am going to market right now.

She is playing tennis at the moment.

Negative Sentence

He is not listening to me.

Interrogative Sentence

Are you watching movie on television?

Negative Interrogative Sentence

Are they not going to park?


1- 'Are' is used for  We, They, You and plural nouns. 'Is' is used for she, he, it and singular nouns whereas 'am' is used for I.

Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense Worksheet

1- Where ---------- going right now? (is, was, are)

2- I ---------- making a plan for my study preparation at the moment. (are, am, is)

3- They ---------- doing practice for the coming match now a days. (does, are, is)

4- We are ---------- funds for the charity school. (collect, collected, collecting)

5- Who ---------- knocking at door consistently? (is, are, does)

6- The doctor ---------- examining the patient at the moment. (are, am, is)

7- You ---------- not abiding by the rules. (was, are, is)

8- ---------- she preparing meal for children right now? (do, are, is)

9- John and David ---------- playing together in the playground. (are, is, am)

10- What ---------- you doing now a days? (am, are, was)

Present Continuous Tense Worksheet

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