Present Perfect Continuous

  Present Perfect Continuous Tense (also called present perfect progressive) presents an action that started in the past and continued up to the present. This tense also tells the duration and the point of time that the action has been taking place. 

Basic Structure

Subject + has/have + been + Verb (present participle) + Object

I                have           been        reading                          a  book   since morning.

Positive Sentence

I have been playing cricket for two hours.

Negative Sentence

He has not been working since 4 pm.

Interrogative Sentence

Have you been working in this office for several years?

Negative Interrogative Sentence

Have they not been residing here since 2008?


1- 'Have' is used for  I, We, They, You and plural nouns whereas 'Has' is used for she, he, it and singular nouns. 

2- 'Since' is used for specific point of time like (1990, morning, 5 am) whereas "For' is used for duration of time like (2 hours, 3 days, several)

Present Perfect Tense

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