Present Perfect Tense

 Present Perfect Tense presents an action that started in the near past but ended in the present.

Basic Structure

Subject + has/have + Verb (past participle) + Object

I                have                   read                          a new book.

Positive Sentence

She has planned her lesson.

Negative Sentence

He has written a letter to his friend.

Interrogative Sentence

Have you taken your breakfast?

Negative Interrogative Sentence

Have they passed the test?


1- 'Have' is used for  I, We, They, You and plural nouns whereas 'Has' is used for she, he, it and singular nouns. 

Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense Worksheet

1- He --------------- completed his work. (has, have)

2- They have ------------ the match. (won, win)

3- I -------------- passed the exam recently. (have, has)

4- ----------- you done your home work? (have, has)

5- We have --------------- message to him. (sent, send)

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