Mixed Tenses Worksheet 2

 Choose the correct form of the verb

1- Where are ---------- you right now? (go, going, went)

2- They ---------- to visit their uncle’s house on Sundays. (like, liked, liked)

3- She did not ---------- him in his difficult time. (helped, helping, help)

4- Have they ---------- a plan for the trip? (made, make, making)

5- John was ---------- the plants at that time? (watered, watering, water)

6- He had been ---------- for 10 years in that office. (working, work, worked)

7- Students ----------their teacher warmly. (welcomed, welcome, welcoming)

8- They will ----------to Australia next Monday. (go, went, going)

9- Do you ---------- in a village? (lived, living, live)

10- The train has ---------- the station when he reached there. (left, leave, leaving)

Mixed Tenses Worksheet

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