Lesson Plan Template


Subject and Grade: ---------------------------

Unit: ---------------------           Topic: ---------------------    

Duration/ No of Periods: ---------------------------------------

Students’ Learning Outcomes: -----------------------------------

(from the curriculum)

Students may be able to;

        ·         ----------------------------------------------

        ·        ---------------------------------------------- 


Information for Teachers:

       ·         Key points that teacher needs to know for teaching the concept

       ·        The concept maps that may help teachers to communicate the knowledge and skills                        effectively

Material Resources: ----------------------------------


One or two warm up activities and/or questions related to students’ previous knowledge about the concept


2-3 activities to teach the concept

Sum up/ Conclusion

Revision of key points/ brief summary to help students organize the information in their minds


       ·         Variety of techniques for effective assessment

       ·         Questions that teacher can use to evaluate the learning of the students

Follow Up:

       ·         Enrichment Activities

       ·         Home work

       ·         Projects

      ·         Text Book Questions


Lesson Plan Template

Watch this video for more explanation.

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