Salient Features of Single National Curriculum 2021 Pakistan

 Curriculum is like a map that shows the learning path to students & teachers and 

determines the process of learning. Curriculum revision and development is generally 

a continuous and dynamic process, including need assessment, planning, designing, 

teacher training, materials development, their piloting, their revision and 

modification, implementing, monitoring, feedback, evaluation and assessment. The 

revision of of Single National Curriculum 2021 Pakistan is generally based on the 

following broader areas or parameters: 

a. Scheme of Studies 

b. Ideological Requirements 

c. Aims of Education and Policies 

d. Educational Standards for Various Levels 

e. Language Policy 

f. Medium of Instruction 

g. Educational Technology including ICT 

h. Teachers and their Professional Development ix. Examinations and Continuous School Assessment 

i. Textbooks and Supplementary Reading Materials 

j. Assessment of Learning Achievements 

k. School Environment 

l. Moral and Ethical Development of Learners 

m. Health and Physical Education 

n. Cultural and Regional Diversity, Religious and Gender Sensitivities in 

Curriculum and Textbooks 

o. Inclusive Education 

p. Systemic changes and adaptations 

q. Inclusion of special issues like Environmental Education involving 

Sanitation, Safe & Pure Drinking Water and Hygiene, Food & Nutrition, Life Skills Based Education, Inter-Faith Harmony, Human Rights Education, Peace and Value Education, Child Rights, Child Abuse, Gender Awareness, Women Empowerment, Population and Development, Education,  Prevention Education, Disaster Risk and Crisis Management against HIV and other Fatal Diseases and other emerging trends etc.

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Salient Features of Single National Curriculum 2021 Pakistan

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